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Your Guide To Understanding Our Services

We accept most types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal and electronics. This includes copper, aluminum, brass, steel, and electronics such as computers, televisions, and more.

Yes, we offer scrap pick-up services for our clients. Our experienced team will come to your location and remove your scrap metal and electronics for you.

The process for recycling your materials with us is straightforward. First, contact us to schedule a pickup or to bring your materials to our drop-off location. Our team will weigh your materials and provide you with a quote. If you agree to the quote, we will process your materials for recycling in an environmentally responsible manner.

We provide payment for your scrap metal and electronics once we have processed and weighed the materials. Payment can be made in the form of a cheque or ACH transfer.

There is no minimum amount required to use our services. We accept any amount of scrap metal and electronics, no matter how small or large.

Yes, recycling with us is both safe and environmentally responsible. We follow all local, state, and federal regulations for safe and responsible recycling, and are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.