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Stop Theft

Metal theft is an increasing problem that can lead to significant property loss and damage. BlackRock Recycling has compiled a guide to assist businesses and homeowners in preventing metal theft and responding if victimized. 

For businesses, the guide recommends securing equipment, posting signs, securing buildings, trimming landscaping, removing accessible items, installing security cameras, monitoring deliveries, marking metals, creating a master list, and obtaining adequate insurance coverage. 

For homeowners, the guide recommends marking metals, securing storage, posting “No Trespassing” signs, being cautious of visitors, avoiding parking in the same spot, using theft deterrents, keeping the title secure, reporting suspicious activity, and recording serial numbers. 

It is important to report metal theft to the local police department promptly. Reporting can help with investigations, alert recyclers to be cautious, prevent further incidents, recover stolen property, establish patterns of criminal activity, and apprehend thieves. By working together, the community can reduce metal theft and improve safety.